New Games

So, some of you might know about the fact that I play Jericho ( I’ve recently thought about doing a game for classy folks at The California Academy of Science’s Nightlife, or The Exploratorium’s After Dark. Roughly, it goes like

Game Start:

The game starts off with having two teams, split up into equal sizes. Each time is then assigned a colour, red or blue. The members of each team receive 15 sticky notes, and a ribbon, of their team colour. While alive, you must wear your respective ribbon.

How to Kill:

As all ARG games, they come down to some objective, but before you get to that, we should talk about death, or at least how to kill.

You can kill someone by either putting a sticky note on their drink, or on the person themselves. The person must not notice that they’re being stickied while it’s occurring. They can say stop, or sticky you back within a few moments. This is not a game of speed.

One large change from Jericho, is that you can enlist non-players in the fight. In fact, it’s encouraged to do so.  You can give a non-player a sticky note, and they can make a kill on the other team.

Once the opposing player is dead, they must put their ribbon away.

Team Modes:

Onto the most important aspect of any game — the gameplay objectives.


Your job is to eliminate the other team within a given amount of time (say 30 minutes). At the beginning of a round, you start off at the same place. You go ahead and you start the game. For the first 5 minutes of the game, no kills can be made. Once you complete the game, you meet back again at the starting spot. People must arrive there within 5 minutes of game end. The team with the most living people wins.


This game type is an offense versus defense type of game. It’s played similarly to Jericho. They appoint one person as the courier, and their job is to go to various places on a map, and snap photos with specific background scenery, and the player doing something. This does impose a bit of a smartphone requirement. This game type will probably be shorter. The round is either over if the Courier is killed, or is all of the photos are brought back to the end location. The end location will be given to both teams as marked on a map.

Scavenger Hunt / Offense versus Offense / Multiflag:

There will be 6 “flags” planted throughout the facility. Each flag will have a team attributed to it. Once you get the flag, your job is to hold onto it until the end of time. If a member of the other team kills you while you have the flag, you get to take all of their flags.

What do you guys think? Would you be interested in playing this kind of game?


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